Monday, May 25, 2015

On Andys and Benders

Heartiste recently pointed to Bender from The Breakfast Club as "possibly the most iconic charismatic alpha male jerkboy in pre-post-America movie history". Judd Nelson's character is more than just an onscreen embodiment of jerkboy characteristics, he also serves as a great illustration of why so many traditionalists are antagonistic towards the concept, and more importantly the celebration of the application, of Game. Parenthetically, I use the term "traditionalist" here to broadly define those who have some level of antipathy towards the reigning ideology of egalitarianism and its offshoots of feminism, cultural Marxism, etc.

Bender is only an alpha when it comes to getting girls*. When he comes into conflict with Andy, a leader-of-men alpha male, he gets put in his place in a heartbeat:

The dissembling and self-puffery get sliced through like a hot knife slicing through butter. Strength, courage, honor, and mastery don't lend themselves well to fakery. They are there or they are not. This is how the pecking order is 'supposed' to be established, and for most of human history (and in much of the present, non-WEIRDO world) this is how it was (and is) established.

Game introduces a relatively new dynamic, and, somewhat paradoxically given how hostile its proponents are to modern feminism, it functions best in a feminized world. In the feminized, culturally Marxist modern West, it is increasingly difficult for Andy to put Bender in his place without landing an assault charge and a mandatory meeting with a representative from HR.

In the long run Claire would be better off with Andy than she would be with Bender. Life wouldn't be as thrilling, but she and her kids would have stability, material comfort, social respectability, and all the other markings of success in a civilized society. As a young woman discovering the potency of her budding sexual desirability, she's not in an ideal position to realize that. There is a reason that through most of human history young women had modest influence in determining who their mates would be.

Fortunately for those of a traditionalist bent, modern contraceptives are a sort of saving grace that will keep Claire and other women like her (with plenty of exceptions of course, especially among members of the lower classes) from spawning with the Benders of the world. Instead, she'll masturbate with street urchins through her late teens and twenties before settling in (and for) someone like Andy.

It's an open question as to how stable this state of affairs will remain. At the point in time when Andy decides to stop holding up the pillars of civilization and just walk away, the whole civilizational edifice will come crumbling down behind him.

* The alpha-beta dichotomy and its subsequent inversion creates a couple of alliterations that are just too cute to be intentional: Alpha Andy and Beta Bender!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Jews identify as white, not of color (Michael Weiner not withstanding)

Matthew Weiner may think Jews are "of color", but most Jews don't appear to agree with him. Since its inception, the GSS has asked respondents about both religious affiliation and racial identification. Among Jews it shakes out as follows (n = 1,195):


This isn't merely a consequence of the perpetual battle between blacks and Jews over who is the most oppressed pushing Jews away from black identification. Since the turn of the millennium, the survey has included a more detailed question about racial identity that includes 16 possible answers rather than the survey's traditional three. Among Jews (n = 361), 95.3% chose "white". And of course some percentage of Jews who identify as non-white trace their ancestry back to places that virtually no one considers white, like Ethiopia.

These results are not the consequence of artificially separating religious Jews from from secular ethnic Jews, either. The following table provides a breakdown by theistic orientation among the Jewish sample referenced above:

On God%ofJews
Uncertain theist49.7
Firm believer32.2

Here, for comparative purposes, is the theistic orientation of those who identify as Protestant or Catholic (n = 15,121):

On God%ofP&C
Uncertain theist26.9
Firm believer70.4

While the assertion that Jews tend to identify as non-white may be the muttering of a madman (and surely of a mad man!), the assertion that the irreligious descendants of Jews tend to consider themselves to be Jewish is a reasonable one.

GSS variables used: RELIG(1-2)(3), GOD(1-2)(3-5)(6), RACE, RACECEN1

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Theistic charity

The Pressure Project's most recent podcast showcased host Justin Garcia's responses to criticisms of his previously expressed atheism. One such criticism: "Still waiting for the St. Nobody's children's hospital to be built". Garcia dismisses this with equivocation, but the insinuation that there aren't differences in mean levels of altruism between the religious and the irreligious struck me as suspect for the obvious reason that the former are divinely instructed to partake in charitable giving while the latter are not.

Fortunately, the GSS has, since 2002, queried respondents four times on the frequency of charitable donations they've made in the past year. The percentages who have not made any charitable contributions in the last year by theistic orientation (n = 5,259):

On GodNoGive%
Uncertain theist30.0
Certain theist26.7

There's a modest trend in the expected direction, with the more godly tending also to be the more giving. Again, not surprising given that charity is a recurring theme in the New Testament, one of the five pillars of Islam, a fundamental precept in Judaism (tzedakah), etc.

Whether that tendency is perceived as a magnanimous feature or a pathologically altruistic bug depends on how one reacts to the idea of Nietzche's slave and master moralities, and, more sinisterly, how homogeneous or heterogeneous one's community is.

GSS variables used: GIVCHRTY, GOD(1)(2)(3-5)(6)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Democrats and working-class whites

Thinking about the fate of working-class whites is, ahem, not in vogue, but since they do still constitute around one-third of the country's population (depending on the particulars of how they're defined), they can't simply be wished away--yet. The following graph shows the percentage of working-class white adults who have self-described themselves as Democrats since the GSS' inception through to the present:

The resurgent spike in 2008 sent a thrill up my leg.

As the fissures in the coalition of the fringe grow larger and sharper-edged, whites of modest means are the first to spill out and into the political void.

The key is to make sure they're vomited up at a slow and steady pace so that the national balance between the two parties remains roughly even. If whites defect too slowly, the Cathedral's paramount concerns can't be candidly brought to the fore without risking the kind of internecine fighting that characterizes its activity in major cities across the country, something that isn't too disruptive when the True Party is the only game in town, but that does have serious political implications so long as the Stupid Party is still around. On the other hand, if whites defect too quickly there is a chance that a racially-conscious opposition party might actually be able to act with numerical superiority.

Better to bide time and strike at overall parity as whites continue to dwindle into minority status so that by the time the inchoate idea of white political self-interest grows into something more broadly understood and even publicly articulated, it'll be too late for anything to come of it.

Let this be a reminder of how little time you and yours have left.

GSS variables used: CLASS(2), RACE(1), YEAR, PARTYID(0-1)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Crime doesn't pay (procreative dividends)

Pat Buchanan famously wrote that "historians may one day call 'the pill' the suicide tablet of the West". Looking at the sheer numbers, he seems to be on the mark.

I'm not much of an optimist, but I do have a detached sunny disposition, so perhaps we can find a silver lining. The GSS has queried respondents several times, most recently in 2012, on whether or not they have ever been arrested. Male privilege helps get a person cuffed, with 20.4% of adult men having ever been arrested compared to only 5.7% of women. Consequently, we'll be looking at men here, and to allow ample time for procreating to have occurred, we'll be looking at those aged 40-65. The trends subsequently discussed hold across racial lines.

As Heartiste has argued in one hundred different ways, chicks love badboys, and there is hardly a better indicator of badboy status than having had a run-in (or multiple run-ins) with the law. The GSS affirms as much. Among the one-in-five men who've been arrested, 22.1% report having sex no more than once a month and 57.3% report having sex at least once a week. Among the four-in-five men who've never been arrested, those figures are 29.7% and 43.5%, respectively. This sex frequency advantage among those who have been arrested exists despite the fact that arrestees are less likely to be married than men who have never been arrested are (68.6% to 84.7%). Jokes about marriage being a vow of celibacy aside, married people tend to have significantly* more sex than unmarried people do.

Prior to the onset of easily accessible modern contraceptives, this would've translated into badboys outbreeding the rest of the male population. Fortunately, the edge in sexual access doesn't translate into a realized procreative advantage. Men who have been arrested average 2.71 children. Men who haven't average a nearly identical 2.63.

GSS variables used: SEXFREQ(0-2)(4-6), AGE(40-65), SEX(1), MARITAL(1,3-5), CHILDS, ARREST(1-2)

* Controlling for age, mean sex frequency among married adults is about one standard deviation higher than it is among unmarried adults